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Welcome to Espelancer, the fanlisting for the amazing PC and PSP series, Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy, otherwise known as The Legend of Heroes Gagharv Trilogy. If you're a fan of this simply gorgeous and inspiring RPG trilogy, please pick up a code and join.

I'd like to dedicate this site to all of the wonderful people I have met through my fandom with this series. You guys are truly wonderful and I hope we stay connected for years to come!

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This listing is one I had been planning since I realized I could apply for it, and I feel extremely happy to finally have it complete. I adore this game trilogy so much and I would love to bring fans of it together. It will eventually be tied into a shrine, but for now it will be a stand-alone fanlisting. I hope you all like it!

Posted on November 22, 2008 @ 3:44 PM


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